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But first a little, ABOUT ME
My name is Bahador Kharazmi and I’m a UI / UX Designer which means I have a knack for directing your cognitive behaviors. I do it through studying “You” as the center of my focus and learning about your reactions. In my research lab sessions, I help you, help me, so called proven research techniques (A/B Testing, Eyetracking study, Focus groups, Usability testing, Your feedbacks, The surveys & ...). When we’re done, I almost know everything about your pain points, concerns and goals regarding the service I’m going to architect for you.

I’ve been doing this for the past 11 years and I’m honored to be your service designer and architect your experiences when interacting with my designs. I’m an expert in User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction, Information Architecture, Usability Testing (Locally & Remote), Interaction Design, Responsive Design, and Mobile Design.

  • Mobile UX Design / User Experience Design / User-centered Design
  • Information Architecture / User Flows / Site Maps
  • Interaction Design / User Research / Heuristics / Contextual Interviews
  • Interactive Prototypes / Wire-framing
  • UX Strategy & Process / User Interface Design / Visual Design
  • Mockups & Comps / Usability Tests / User Testing / Usability Studies

Other Related Skills

  • Expert in UI/UX design methods (User research, Gathering user-data, using qualitative and quantitative data, Early usability testing, Heuristic evaluation, Utilizing A/B testing, Eye-tracking studies, Focus groups, User surveys, Gathering user feedbacks, Creating storyboards and writing scenarios, Iterative wire-framing & prototyping, High fidelity design prototyping & low fidelity design paper prototyping and & …)
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe InDesign & Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Working knowledge of Html, Html5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and bootstrap
  • Expert in digital photography (Commercial, Product and Editorial), photo retouching and lighting techniques
  • An exceptional eye for pixel-perfect detail with obsessive attention to details
  • Advanced knowledge of typography and composition
  • Skilled in designing an easy-to-use user interfaces for web & mobile
  • Expert in graphic design and familiar with most printing services
  • Deep understanding of the psychology of colors
  • Expert level of understanding of the user-centered design
  • Innovative eye for creating the most eye-catching typographies
  • Expertise with software for creating rapid user experience wireframes and prototypes
  • Successful delivery of innovative interface design solutions for web & mobile
  • Familiar with the usage of Agile & Scrum Master
  • Familiar with the concept of Responsive and Adaptive design
  • Experienced in delivering solid work on tight schedules and desired timeframes
  • Fast learner of utility user softwares like Justinmind, Balsamiq, Axure RP, OmniGraffle, Fluid UI, UXPin…
This is right that we all think, but not all of us might think right when it comes to design thinking. I do believe the core concept of creating any user-centered design is to provide your users with a product that meets their needs. No doubt, such goals are only achievable by optimizing your ideation techniques based on the data you gather from these users. I usually like to make it in 6 steps, offered as below.

  • 1. Gathering user-data & studying the mental models (plan our development around the required needs)
  • 2. Analyzing data & running competitive analysis (to learn about the user's pain points and goals)
  • 3. Creating & developing personas (to know who we are developing for)
  • 4. Creating scenarios & writing storyboards (to fill the design gaps & keep the whole team on the same page)
  • 5. Prototyping, wire-framing & usability testing (early validations of designs)
  • 6. Planning the development cycle and executing the design ideas
Recently, I was given a task to develop a tab on the mobile website of CarsDirect. The hiring managers were also asking for a graphical presentation of the user research, persona development, competitive analysis, task flows, wireframes and/or mock-ups, to be submitted along with the final design mock-ups. By clicking on each thumbnail you’ll find the details about each step I went through before coming up with the final design.
"Good design should be honest."

- Ferdinand Porsche -
A case study for an online application for buying and selling new and used Cars
The Process: Gathering user-data / Analyzing data & running competitive analysis / Creating & developing personas / Creating scenarios & writing storyboards / Prototyping, wire-framing & usability testing / Executing the design ideas

"Design is not just what it looks like and
feels like, Design is how it works"

- Steve Jobs -
An Internet radio platform that functions as both a music recommender system and a radio network
The Process: Gathering user-data / Analyzing data & running competitive analysis / Creating & developing personas / Creating scenarios & writing storyboards / Prototyping, wire-framing & usability testing / Executing the design ideas

"The details are not the details.
They make the design."

- Charles Eames -
Website Layout No.1
The layout for an entertainment website for exposing the music news in the persian music indusrty.
The Process: Analyzing the offered data by the product manager / Prototyping, wire-framing & usability testing / Executing the design ideas
Website Layout No.2
The layout of a website designed for a Singer/Songwriter.
The Process: Gathering & analyzing user-data / Prototyping & wire-framing / Executing the design ideas
Website Layout No.3
The concept layout of my own website designed as a conceptual typography website.
The Process: Prototyping & wire-framing / Executing the design ideas
iDesign ART.
Employment Summary
Lead UX Engineer at Walmart eCommerce (Sunnyvale, CA 2015 - Current)
  • Responsible for interface and user experience design and enhancement of website products
  • Key Projects include Savings Catcher, Gamification & Savings Spotter Plugin
  • Redesign the Dashboard and Landing page of Savings catcher in order to make them more interactive with our users by collaborating with the principle product manager and data analyses team
  • Optimized the existing interaction funnels by studying the Google analytics interaction funnel stats
  • Delivered new designing concepts and high fidelity prototypes for the presenting to business owners and stakeholders
  • Redesigned the savings spotter plugin based on the product managers and customer needs
  • Revised the existing savings spotter pop up banner in order to gain more engagement from the users of other ecommerce websites like amazon
  • Incorporated the director’s guidelines for the inclusion of the advertisement the most interactive way by not distracting the users on savingscatcher.walmart.com dashboard page
Senior UI / UX Consultant at LD Products (Long Beach, CA 2014 - 2015)
  • Collaborated with the SEO, Marketing, Catalog teams and Email Marketing specialist to learn about the demographics of the users and translate them into interactive solutions
  • Collaborated with the Data Analyzer and the A/B Testing specialist to track down and study the click map of the users via omniture to collect user interaction statistics across the websites
  • Created easy to understand and elegant solutions for mobile and desktop platform that meet both the goals of the CEO, Creative director and the needs of the users
  • Worked on developing the assumption personas to keep the whole design team on the same page and help them understand the real image of the users they are developing and designing for
  • Marked up the new website designs through HTML5 and CSS3 and discussed them with the creative director, art director and the front end development team to make sure the refresh design process is on the right track
  • Planned the UX research phases and created the user survey and feedback forms and encouraged other departments to increase the internal interaction with the CSR team
  • Engaged with the users and studied their behaviors while interacting with high fidelity prototypes through an iterative prototyping process for the product page and the landing page of the mobile responsive website
  • Designed the high fidelity mockup of the responsive layout for the cellphone platform
Senior UI / UX Designer at Bia2, LLC (San Francisco, CA 2007 - 2014)
  • Gathered and analyzed the user data regarding the design of the new layouts of the website and the phone application and discuss them with the product manger in order to find the best possible solution for designing the wireframes to avoid any rework at the very start of each project
  • Created the mockups of each layout with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Produce concepts for layouts and develop these concepts based on feedback given
  • Took part in sight visits and user researches throughout the data collection process
  • Managed the meeting sessions and worked closely with other designers and development team in order to create the experience maps for better understanding of the attributes, concerns and pain points of our users and translate them into their goals for the development of our mobile application and the layout of the website and discussed the gained results with the product manager in order to revise the outcomes a way that fits his goals
  • Offered new ideation techniques on each meeting session in order to get the most out of all the members who attended those meetings and to make sure we all come up with creative ideas and everyone gets the chance to speak through design charrettes method
  • Created and developed the assumption personas with our team members in order to make sure the whole design and development team are on the same page and are developing and designing for the same people with the same needs
  • Wrote scenarios of interaction and created the storyboards of interaction for our users in order to do an early reality check for the ones who are going to interact with our application to give the whole designing and developing team, management team and product manager a visual idea of the ways our users are going to interact with our application and website so that they get an idea of how our users might experience the gaps or pains points in our designs thinking and the way they interact and get on with those difficulties
  • Created the paper prototypes and digital prototypes of our design solutions for the web layouts and the application layouts in order to give the product manager a visual idea of the solutions we’ve worked on before getting into planning our development and design process so that we can make sure our solutions are in close relation to his thoughts
  • Arranged and managed the early usability testing sessions for the users of our application and the latest incorporated features of our web layouts with our digital prototypes
  • Designed the main interface, wireframes and created the skeleton of the page layouts of the website
  • Designed the wireframes, the main existing interface and the main layout of the phone application and all of the existing forms, motions and interactions inside the application
  • Designed the company logo, one of the most recognized logos in the Persian music industry
  • Developed and designed digital marketing ideas in order to come up with catchy slogans, marketing plans and advertising plans through designing and implementation for the bia2 glasses ad campaign (Art direction, poster design)
Senior UI Designer for Tooba Solar (Tehran,Iran 2006 – 2007)
  • Gathered and analyzed the user data needed for creating the wireframes of the website and closely discussed them with the VP in order to get the early validation of the designs
  • Worked with Product Managers and business owners to understand business requirements and translate them into engaging and easy-to-use design solutions
  • Worked closely with front end engineers through development and implementation cycles
  • Prototyped and Designed the wireframes, mockups and the whole layout of the website of the company and worked closely with the development team to make sure the final design meets the needs of their users
  • Performed usability testing for distribution of elements in the screen for their Ecommerce webpage resulting in 15% sales increased based on financial turn over reports.
  • Cooperated with the VP and development team for planning the development of their future transition of the company to digital platform
  • Captured & Edited the photos, designed the billboard arts and prepared it for printing
  • Rearranged the content strategy of their website around their new services
Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management (emphasis in consumer behavior through running ad campaigns) from Islamic Azad University of Tehran - Iran
01. Graphic & Logo Design / 02. Principles of marketing / 03. The psychology of colors / 04. Branding & Consumer Behavior / 05. Typography & calligraphy / 06. Persuasive Design
Visual Designs
Nectar Design - SolarFlora
Tooba Solar - Products
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Conceptual Art Designs

"Recognizing the need is the primary
condition for design."

- Charles Eames -
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